Information about transit traffic and border crossing

Dear Partners / Customers,

Despite the difficult situation caused by the Corona virus, trucks are still continuously transporting goods on the roads within and between countries, ensuring supplies for all of us.

Many of You also managing transport business, and in addition to being grateful to you for this, we would like to be of help for you.

We would like to make your daily life easier by sharing current information on international transportation in the countries where MOL is represented. Please find enclosed collection of links where you can find the relevant country information about transit traffic.

Czech Republic

CZ closed the borders with Germany and Austria. This is in force until April 4th, 2020 23:59 with the possibility of extension. With small exceptions (as commune workers) is permitted only Road freight transport.

Details and designated border crossing see here:

Due to the hetalthy checks at borders there are big queues.


The latest uploaded info be find on web of ministry under press news, e.g.

Recommandation (to use selected routes) wasn´t changed...

There are borders available only for personal transport, some are without restriction, data are update on web (info is only in slovak language).


The transit traffic going through Hungary is limited.

The functioning border crossing points, transit routes and Fuel stations (currently 23 SeS) where the transit trucks can stop are shown on the following website (police), it is in Hungarian:

The list of SeS can be changed by changing the functioning border crossing points. You can check on the link the actual situation.

You can also find some actual information on MOL HU webpage


In Croatia, during transit of trucks it is obligatory to use highways and in case crossing the border that is not on a highway – the driver must use the closest route to enter the highway.

Stopping during transit is not allowed except on specially designated places:

Furthermore, trucks are accompanied by police convoy and are obliged to follow the instructions issued by the officials.

There are limited number of border crossing allowed for truck transit.

Please find the details on official site in Croatia with the news also in English.

News for freight vehicle drivers:

Useful site for all travellers:

At all border crossings with Croatia inbound traffic is allowed only to Croatian citizens (14-day isolation mandatory) as well as for some special groups of people, such as medical personnel, scientists, eldercare personnel, cross-border workers, freight traffic, diplomats, police officers, civil protection teams, international organizations members, militaries and transit passengers.

At the border crossings with Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro traffic is suspended for all vehicles, except for the citizens of these countries as well as for freight vehicles.

At Bogojevo (Erdut) border crossing all passenger traffic is closed.


There are no restrictions on entry on the Romanian border. However, the waiting time at some entry points can be longer than usual due to health checks.

More information can be found here:


Please find general trafic information to serve all travellers:

Link to the road conditions, there are all relevant information regarding traffic (roads, border, etc)

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